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The way parents are prepared for their child’s Baptism is a foundation stone of all other catechetical and pastoral relationships in your parish.
The secret of all good catechesis is to adapt and adjust your material according to the parish and the situation.
My Baby’s Baptism is just such a flexible and useable resource.

Programme outline

1. Come and See
Exploring our experience of parenting, of faith and of our relationship with the Church.
In this session, the most important aim is to make the parents feel welcome – to extend the hospitality of God to these parents who, for whatever reason, have taken the step of approaching the Church to ask for Baptism for their child.

2. God is love
The first two questions parents are asked which provide that crucial link between child, family and Christian community.
The main purpose of this session is to enable parents to move beyond the implications of the celebration of baptism towards seeing it as the beginning of their child’s individual life of faith in which they and the Christian community have a crucial role to play.

3. More in it than you think
Exploring what happens at Baptism. The Baptism rite is bursting with symbolic meaning.
The main purpose of this session is to allow parents to explore each part of the rite of Baptism, to come to some understanding of its meaning.

4. Follow Me
Remembering, celebrating and sharing memories of the baptism day. The baptismal catechumenate for adults (the Rite of Christian Initiation) is offered by the Church as the model for all catechesis. An integral part of this is period known as Mystagogia when those who have received the sacraments reflect on their experience continue to grow in faith, strengthened by the life of God they celebrate in the sacraments. This session is offered to provide an opportunity to help parents unpack their experience and prepare for the ongoing journey of the faith of their child.
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